We want to reduce dental waste

Ethical & Sustainable

Every plastic toothbrush used in the 30s still exists today on our planet. Help reduce waste with Bazoo. 

We use glass containers and bamboo lids for your floss because they look nice and are infinitely recyclable and biodegradable. Your floss refills are sent to you in a kraft box. 

Our packaging and corrugated box can go straight to your compost pile as its made of kraft paper, recyclable cardboard, soybean ink and sealed with kraft paper tape. However, from an environmental perspective, it's recommended that boxes be recycled instead of composted. 

For a reduced carbon footprint, Bazoo is shipped using existing postal routes which will have a smaller carbon footprint than driving to the store to pick up your oral care products.

We plant 1 tree for every box sold

thanks to One Tree Planted. We have also partnered up with Global Dental Relief to help children around the globe with sustainable oral care products and free dental care. 

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